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Distinguished Kitchen Specialists

Designer Curves

We have mastered the art of The Curve, with over 20 years of experience in producing and perfecting curved cabinetry.

Customer Focus

Through the simplicity of communication, and an understanding of what is needed, our customers are guaranteed world-class service.

Multi Experience

We provide a wide range of services and design in a variety of bespoke styles, for all your cabinetry needs.

Kitchens of Distinction

We are set apart from the ordinary, offering custom kitchens that are designed to be functional while being a showpiece in your home.

Kitchens of Distinction

Bespoke kitchen designs tailored to the individual.

Experience & Skills

Industry leading specialists in kitchen design & manufacture.

Customer Focus

Always in touch for world-class service assurance.

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Our Philosophy

Every masterpiece starts with a blank canvas. Curves and Bevels designers are experts in transforming any room by planning the space to be an ergonomically functional work of art.

Design & Planning

There is nothing standard about a Curves and Bevels kitchen. Embracing the concept of diversity, each design is tailored to you as an individual. Moreover, we custom build each cabinet for perfect installation.

Custom Solutions

Curves and Bevels caters to your every cabinetry need with a comprehensive portfolio of expertise. Kitchens, bathroom vanities, closets, TV Units, Ottomans, countertops, and more.

Diversified Cabinetry



3D Renders



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Our Philosophy in Quality Design

-2011 Homemakers Expo, Gauteng: Silver Award

-2019 Decorex, Cape Town: Certificate Of Excellence

-2019 KSA Awarded for 1 calendar year with no client disputes

-2020 Homemakers Expo, Johannesburg: Gold Award

-Beginning Our Services, 1997

-Opening Our First Showroom, 2002

-Expanding Our Service Offerings, 2010

-Moving To Our Deco Park Showroom, 2014

-Celebrating 21 Years of Success, 2018

-Refreshing Our Brand, 2020

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